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Sentiment Analysis on Twitter

What has been the impact of your latest marketing campaign? What reception did your changes in corporate image have? Was the investment in infrastructure worth it? How long does the effect of a scandal last? Millions of users express their opinion on social networks every day. The aggregation of these opinions make up the online reputation of a brand, a person or an institution. Decision making, marketing and communication teams today require accurate detailed data of this public image to guide their efforts in terms of management and investment.

Traditional surveying strategies simply cannot cope with the massive amounts of data, especially text, that are generated on the Internet every day. The age of social networking calls for smart analytical tools capable to process such huge volume of unstructured data. Our advanced sentiment analysis software, Lingmotif, can convert those masses of text into revealing visualizations. Let us do the heavy lifting for you!


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Lingmotif ABSA is a step beyond in sentiment analysis. This advanced tool analyzes user reviews in depth and extracts the ratings for each of the aspects contained in them, effectively converting text into data. Each subject domain determines which aspects are relevant and how they materialize into words. Lingmotif ABSA is capable to identify, process and display such detailed information, specific to each industry, and produce a number of insightful metrics and visualizations.

Still browsing and painstakingly reading customer reviews online? Our system summarizes thousands of opinions instantly, and show results using many well designed, easy-to-interpret widgets. Our hybrid approach, which combines intelligent machine learning algorithms and high-quality, carefully curated knowledge resources, produces extremely sharp results, not only in the form of numerical data, but also qualitative, to offer you a highly accurate overall image of the underlying data... at a glance!

Lingmotif ABSA is currently available for the lodging industry, but can be adapted to any other. Contact us.

Why choose Corpus Level?

Our added value

  • An integrated approach

    Our system uniquely integrates a rich base of linguistic knowledge with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms. We believe such integration is key successful results.

  • Aspect-based sentiment analysis

    What exactly do my customers like or dislike about my business and my competition? Our highly detailed, aspect-level sentiment analysis engine is able to automatically fetch this valuable information from thousands of user reviews and clearly display it for you. Get that crucial edge over your competition now!

  • We take language seriously

    Unlike most of our competition, we don't use machine translation. Our tools employ custom-built lexical resources, natively for each language. We currently offer solutions for English, Spanish, and Catalan.

  • Quickly get the gist... or dive right in

    Our reports and dynamic graphics are designed to offer a quick overview of the most relevant results, but you'll also be able to sort, filter and highlight data in te most significant way for you. Plus we make it simple to explore your relevant user generated content directly.

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